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Welcome to 2015! As Wattie has recovered well, the Exploited are alive
and kickin', starting the year with an extended tour all over Europe,
beginning in April. Check out the concert dates here!


As you might have already heard, the Exploiteds lead singer Wattie
has suffered a heart attack while performing on stage earlier this year.
Due to him still recovering, all the concerts and festival gigs have been cancelled until, if all goes well, november.


Kicking off 2014 with a smashing European Tour, we just might
even hit the studio and make a new record! Meanwhile, our
new label Nuclear Blast Records will rerelease Extended Editions
of The Massacre, Beat The Bastards and Fuck The System!

The Exploited 2014:
Matt (guitar), Wattie (vocals), Wullie (drums), Irish Rob (bass)


As 2013 nears it's end, we play one last show in Macedonia
before we start the new year with a big European Tour in 2014!


New Shows in 2013


The Dates for the 2012 Festival Season are up!


Unfortunately, we had to cancel the November gig in Den Haag,
Netherlands due to spatial issues with the venue. Sorry!


A little Update on the 2011 Live Shows...
And yes, we're playing in Canada.


The Live Dates for 2011 are in!


We are sorry to have to say that the Russia dates have
been cancelled due to the weather as Edinburgh airport
has been closed for the last 3 days due to the snow ..
The dates will be rescheduled for February (dates are
being fixed out right now) as soon as we have new dates
confirmed we will put them up. All tickets to the cancelled
shows will be honoured at the rescheduled dates.

We're gutted we can't get over we were really looking
forward to it but we will see you in February!

Cheers Wattie


The Exploited are celebrating their XXX. Birthday 2011
with a few select Shows in Russia.
Also, they're on the bill for the Speedfest in December!


30 Years of Anarchy and Chaos! Told you Punx not dead!
Now to celebrate our step into the 3rd decade this year, we're
playing a massive amount of shows all over Europe (for now).
For more details on the live gigs, check the dates section.
End of the year, we plan return to the studio to finish the work
on our new album.

Also we have a new bandmate! Welcome Mr. Matt McGuire,
who is in charge of all things guitar!

The Exploited 2010 (from left to right):
Irish Rob (bass), Wullie (drums), Wattie (vocals), Matt (guitar)


Finally, The Exploited come to tour in South America this November!
Check out the South American show dates here!
Brazil, Argentinia & Chile, get ready for some good ol' Punk Rock!


Many years have passed since the last time, but this year, The Exploited will be touring Japan again! Check out the dates here!

And this one is for all the rumors about us:


Finally, the 2009 Russia Tour dates are up. Also watch out for the Chaostage movie release concert in Berlin April 30th!


Another update on the live dates for 2008. Sadly, the shows in Greece & Poland won't happen yet. But don't worry - the band is currently working on the material for a new album!


The Dates have been updated. The Casablanca show has switched to the 21.6. Two gigs in France in July are unfortunately cancelled. Instead we will have 3 new shows in France in October! Plus we'll play in England and Croatia in August/September!


The first fully confirmed Live Dates for 2008 are here!
The Exploited will be playing on Festivals all over Europe and do a little South Africa tour, rocking Casa on the way down!


Robbie, the Exploiteds guitarist for the last 9 years, has left the band to invest more time in his new project, Certain Death. We wish him all the best and good fun!

Besides, we have decided to cooperate with Hamburg Records who provide the online shop where you can buy Exploited merch, shirts, records & other stuff. Clicking on the new Shop-Link will open a new window with the hamburgrecords.com store which will serve as the now official Exploited store. So if you want to support us directly, that's the place to buy our stuff!


More shows in Germany: Dates


Finally, the Tour Dates for Australia and Newzealand
have arrived! Check them out, it's the first time that the Exploited
play shows down under. Also 3 more shows in Germany this October.


Dates are updated with some more shows.
Details for this years Asia tour will follow by the end of the week!


Check out the Dates for the 2007 shows in Europe.
And another Asia tour in September is just being planned!
Hopefully it will include New Zealand and Australia this time!


The site is (obviously) back up, we have moved to another server.
Took some time 'cos we're chaotic. Anyway, enjoy your stay!


The Dates for the UK Tour 2006 have been added!
There are also two gigs in Russia and one in Istanbul!
Oh, and the Speedrock Festival in Holland in December!


Some Concert News:
+ On July 27 The Exploited play at Hrachovka Festival, Czech Republic
+ The Gig at the Gosforth Gathering in Newcastle has been called off.
+ England Tour at beginning of October
+ Scandinavia Tour at end of October
+ Australian & New Zealand Tour planned for January 2007


Some changes in the Dates section. Check the forum for more info.


Added some of this years Asian Venue Dates!


Finally! After some long & hard work, we got a Forum section up
and running! We hope you'll enjoy the discussions & banter there.


Some more details on the Dates page added!


A little update on the site:

We got some new Tour and Venue Dates for 2006 and some
Pictures from the european 25 Years of Anarchy And Chaos Tour.


Finally we came round to do some work on the new site.

We hope you like it. If not -- just piss off to where you came from.

Check the History bit for an essay by Morat of the legend that The Exploited is.

Sadly, we had to take the Guestbook section out, as it got constantly spammed by viagra bots. Maybe we'll come up with a forum later...